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Last Updated: 04/22/22

Information below provided by the Pharmaceutical Company.

Ceralasertib (AZD6738)

Agent Description

Ceralasertib is a potent and selective ataxia telangiectasia related (ATR) kinase inhibitor being clinically evaluated as a potential cancer treatment in advanced solid tumors.

Mechanism of Action

ATR kinase inhibition


Small molecule ATR kinase inhibitor

Molecular Targets

ATR kinase


Ceralasertib is in clinical development and has not been approved in any indications. Ceralasertib is in clinical development in solid tumors as a mono-therapy (RPh2D available) and in combination with radiotherapy (RPh2D expected 2/3Q 2018), carboplatin (RPh2D available), paclitaxel (RPh2D expected 3Q 2017), olaparib (RPh2D available) and durvalumab (RPh2D expected 2/3Q 2017). Adverse events for Ceralasertib monotherapy and combinations are primarily hematologic, with thrombocytopenia being the dose limiting toxicity. Early efficacy signals have been observed across the clinical program in solid tumor patients in both mono-therapy and combination therapy settings.

Studies of Interest

Areas of Interest:

  • Clinical studies in solid tumor and hematologic malignancies examining mono-therapy and combinations with novel agents including immunotherapy, chemotherapy and radiation.
  • Clinical studies in pediatric patients and young adults will also be considered.
  • Biomarker-driven studies that explore patient selection hypotheses and tumor-based pharmaco-dynamic assays to confirm on-target activity.

Tumor types currently under investigation include: gastric, triple-negative breast, small cell lung cancer, CLL, head & neck squamous cancer, ovarian cancer, and clear cell gynecologic cancers. While studies in these indications are areas of active or planned investigation, proposals may still be considered if they examine a different segment or novel combination.

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