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Last Updated: 01/25/17

Information below provided by the Pharmaceutical Company.

Bevacizumab (AVASTIN®)

Agent Description

A monoclonal antibody biologic that inhibits tumoral angiogenesis to suppress tumor growth.

Mechanism of Action

Anti-angiogenesis inhibitor.


Anti-angiogenesis inhibitor, anticancer agent, monoclonal antibody.

Molecular Targets



Approved in the US for colorectal cancer, NSCLC, RCC, GBM, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer.

Package insert: External Link

Studies of Interest

Combinations with immunotherapeutic agents.

Information collaborator would like included in investigator proposals


Genentech supports non-clinical research proposals through a separate mechanism. Please visit External Link if you wish to submit a request for a Genentech agent for non-clinical work.