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Last Updated: 01/25/17

Information below provided by the Pharmaceutical Company.


Agent Description

LY3039478 is a Notch inhibitor, currently in phase I testing as monotherapy and combination with different targeted agents or chemotherapy. It is investigated in solid tumors and leukemia.

Mechanism of Action

LY3039478 is a small molecule that has been shown in vitro to inhibit Notch signaling. It prevents release of NICD by inhibiting proteolytic activity of γ-secretase complex and thereby decreasing Notch signaling and its downstream biologic effects.


Notch inhibitor

Molecular Targets



LY3039478 is not currently approved for any indication. On-going trials for this agent are listed on Nonclinical data has been presented (Bender MH, et al. AACR Annual Meeting; April 6-10, 2013; Washington, DC. Abstract 1131)

Studies of Interest

On-going trials for this agent are listed on Duplicates of these studies would not be supported.

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